3 Reasons how stickers can make your brand most recognizable

custom shapes sticker

Building a brand identity is the first step towards the success of every business. However, it is also one of the problematic steps. Making yourself noticeable in the customer’s eyes and creating a name for yourself in the market can help you gain a lot of profit. You can use many marketing strategies to build your brand and become a dominant brand in the market. However, not every approach you use can be fruitful or affordable for your business. 

Since building a brand identity is crucial for your business, we would like to share a unique strategy that can help you create your great name in the market. The use of customizing business stickers and labels can help you promote your business. You may not realize how impactful the sticker can be for your business. However, after reading this article, we are sure you will understand how good this unique marketing strategy can be for your business. 

Let us dive into the benefit of using the custom sticker for your brand in detail. 

Stickers are Best and effective advertising Medium

Since stickers are eye-catchy and easily create a mark in the mind of people, they can be effective for advertising your business. Here are a few reasons why stickers are best for promoting your business. 

  • Brand Your Business– The company logo makes your brand recognizable among the masses. Therefore, the sticker of your logo can help you to elevate the advertising strategy. You can go with the car stickers for the wall, use the bumper sticker to share your logo with the people. The sticker will help your brand to stay in front of the eye of the customer. The only thing you need to figure out is hiring a graphic designer that can help you create ideal sticker design that you can use for brand promotions. 
  • Promote your business during Conferences and Events– The local business event or business meeting can be the ideal place for using your business stickers. Using such an event can help you distribute more stickers among the masses. Moreover, using the sticker during these events can be the right strategy as the local conferences and business events are the strategically right place to place your brand sticker. 
  • Distinguish your brand in public– The sticker can also help your brand stand out in the crowd, which can be crucial for your business in the cutthroat market. You can stick them on bags, cups, even in a public location. Any place you think offers excellent visibility is the best place for placing your sticker. Grabbing the attention of the public becomes easy with the use of stickers. 
  • Stickers are more expressive- The sticker conveys a clear and precise message to the audience. People do not like to go through long letters or dull pamphlets. With stickers, you can save your customer from such troubles from boring brochures. You only need to use a catchy line or one-line message, and you are good to go. Just make sure the message goes well with the idea of the brand identity you want to create for your company. Since the sticker is cheap when producing, you can always edit them depending on the seasonal tweaks. Therefore, you can use them to convey discounts, promo codes, and other exclusive offers to customers. 

Stickers can be Customizable

When you go to a reputed sticker designing company, you will be amazed by the freedom you get from customizing your company stickers. You can go through different fonts, colors, text style, designs, and whatnot. Indeed, you must select the one that goes well with your brand identity. However, you can play with different sticker styles and see what suits you the best for your company. When it comes to customizing, here are few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Keep your marketing budget in mind– Although editing the sticker is cheap. However, customizing for the seasonal tweaks can eat up your marketing budget. Therefore, always go for the custom design that you can use for a longer time. You can make few changes in the text and message rather than the overall design of the sticker for upcoming sales. That way, you can save your marketing budget. 
  • Sticker design must suit your purpose- The stickers come in various designs and shapes. Therefore, you must know where you want to put the sticker. If you are going to stick them on the wall, then make sure they are glossy enough to catch the eyes of people. Besides the wall sticker, you can use the car bumper sticker, window decals, and much more, depending on your preferences. Hence, make sure you discuss your requirement with the designer. The designer will make sure to come up with custom stickers that suit your purpose. 
  • Give time to think about the Sticker Placement- When designing the sticker, you always need to think about the proper place for stickers. Placing personalized stickers at the right place is equally essential for the marketing strategy. Think about the crowded places where you think you can get the most eyes on your brand sticker. You can even place them on bags and cars, as they offer better visibility. When you use stickers for advertising, the location of the sticker placement will play an essential role in the design of stickers you can use. 

Stickers are most Cost-effective

The marketing strategy, including the use of stickers, does not require a hefty budget.  You can run a successful sticker campaign on a meager budget, as the cost of designing and printing the sticker and labels is very cheap. There are a lot of other factors that make the sticker campaign affordable and effective than other campaigns. Here is another reason why the sticker is the most cost-effective marketing strategy that you can use for business promotion. 

  • Low-cost Placements- When it comes to other marketing strategies such as using billboards or the giant poster, you need to always spend on the placement location. You might even have to spend a lot of money on the billboards if you want to use them in a crowded place. However, with the sticker, you do not worry about such costs. The sticker can be placed anywhere, as long as the surface allows adhesives to stick. You can display your sticker on random walls, cars, or any place of your choice. 
  • Easy to maintain– The next thing is the maintenance cost of the sticker. After placing the sticker of your company, you do not need to spend the dime on maintenance. Unlike billboards and posters where you need to spend money for reprints, a sticker is a durable option. The sticker does not require cleaning and sticks on the surface for a long time. Therefore, the stickers offer a better value for the money than other print media you will use for business promotions. 
  • Cost-effective long-term advertising campaign- You can use a stickers campaign for your long-term advertising needs. They do not need cleaning and any other for maintenance. Therefore, it cost you less money in a long time.  Moreover, they do not require any permit for showcasing, which saves you from many troubles and extra expenditures.