Event Signage: Give Your Event that WOW Factor!

Event Signage: Give Your Event that WOW Factor!

Every event is special to the organizer and the teams who prepare for it for months. The hired team plans the whole event from the tip to the end with lots of zest and zeal. But how will they feel if the event goes out unintended or neglected? Horrible is the only word anyone can think for. It’s exactly like having skills but no show. This part is played by the wow factor of any event, the event signage. Everyone is well aware of event banners and signs and what type of work they do in the market space. 

What is Event Signage Used For?

While organizing any type of event whether it’s your graduation party, your exhibition or any social event like ceremonies or functions. A person can showcase a banner or a frame or a board such as any outdoor event signage or maybe a graduation outdoor sign to let their surroundings aware of the happening that will be organised in their neighbourhood. Whereas a brand can cast any board or frame to attract attention towards their events and brand as well. But what is tricky is that you do know a professional service who can perfectly guide you to charm up your event or ceremony. Signdepot stands for their best service with dignity and experience in event signage printing

Types of Event Signage:-

By this part of the blog, we are well aware of the purpose of signs and boards. Recalling the types of signage we can ask for from our preferred services and supports in printing these signs and boards.

  • Banner and Frames
  • Hard and Rigid Boards
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Hangings
  • Media Walls
  • Digital Signage 

Let’s deep dive into the points.

Banners and Frames

For illustration, think like you achieved all the managing tasks of your event and are all set to open it for the brands and people. But how will anyone know that you organized an event to promote your services or brand or skills? Unless you will go tell each one to come which seems next to impossible. At this moment what we need is a banner or a frame promoting our event, a fascinating and detailed one so that people can read it and mark the day, date and time for your event. Signdepot is a team of skilled people who will not only provide their service in printing but will also guide you on how you can effectively use these banners and frames, just a client-company favour.

Hard and Rigid Boards

Hard and Rigid Boards are one the most used types of medium in signage and printing. Most of the clients prefer harsh boards as their signage because of their durability as well as expressive nature. Boards are long in size and can cover a lot of information which the organizer wants to deliver most of the time. They can add their logos, location and extra graphics which appear to be more precise, which helps to bloom the event of the brand. Team Signdepot helps their consumers to avail the best for their boards with updated and trendy graphics in their printing and creation.

Wayfinding and Display Signage

An event is organised on a broader part of the landmass, which arises from the fact of directions and locations of different types of camps or sections under any event. To solve this problem team Signdepot upgraded the game for their customers or event organizers with Wayfinding and Display Signage. To direct the attendees the directions towards various camps are printed on wayfinding signage whereas display signage is used to display the type of the camps in the event. Using these two signage will boost the upper level of the organization in an event which is impressive enough to deny.


During an event, there are many messages the organizer or the brand wants to convey to their attendees but due to a shortage of time limits, no familiarity with many other attendees or maybe the mood and vibes of the event aren’t allowing the organizing team to communicate. In such a case, the team can hang various graphical or lettered hanging signage to elaborate their aim of the event, their views, their future goals and many other things. These symbols and letters dangling in the event hall with a creative outlet will ace up the network as well as the event’s objective to the maximum because small little things attract the most. Signdepot provides this beautiful hangings service to buyers along with very imaginative designs and graphics as a surplus.

Media Walls

Organized an event but no wall for paparazzi and the people to click some spirited photos will be wrong, but here we have an extremely new and vibrant solution from the treasure box of services of the team Signdepot- the Media Walls. Media Walls are the type of signage form which has a stamp print regarding the event over a large piece of sheet displayed over the iron stand situated around the entrance gate. Just like the signature move of red carpets and many other awards shows. This looks mind-blowing to the visitors of the event and is a great source to open up and communicate around.

Digital Signage

The world is digitalized and everything happens, happens through digital media. Though events can’t be organised online totally, the invitation to the event can be distributed to the attendees or special guests online. Posting digital signage on social media of the organizer will attract a lot more attention than the field cards. Whoever follows the organizer even if they are in any corner of the world, can get notified and if wanted can attend the event. Hassle-free with the easiest and most impressive way of publicity for the event. Not only in conventional printing style but in digital signage also, team Signdepot has proven their worth and expertise around the globe.


Signdepot is not only preferred by local brands but is also likeable by many brands around the world. What makes them effective is their world quality, dedication and goal to help every type of business and brand out there. Signdepot is heavily famous for its signage services and event signage is their most incredible tool to showcase the clients. Their services not only will help the events charm the attendees but they provide a very affordable price range to their clients. Moreover, just like an event needs various types of signages, the event organizer needs very compatible signage assistance cuz “Signs are the language of lost words”.

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Event Signage: Give Your Event that WOW Factor!

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