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 Advertising Is Made Easy With Vehicle Magnets

(Car Magnets) Nowadays, anyone can take advantage of the use of delivery trucks, vans, and also cars just by transforming them into rolling messages ads. One way to do this is by getting magnetic car signs on your vehicle fleet, then you will be able to show your message and/or brand anywhere you go. 

Whether you are parked, delivering something, pumping gas, these (all in all) car magnets will get your business brand wherever you go.

These magnetic car signs are very affordable, easy to attach on your vehicle’s doors, and also our turnaround is super fast. If you take advantage of our competitive pricing then get your car magnets right away. You can never go wrong when advertising your business, let’s make it happen.

What Exactly Are Car Magnets?

Car magnets are nothing but your rolling business card that is on the go with your vehicle to anywhere it goes. 

These car signs or custom magnetic signs are printed on a 20 pt. magnetic vinyl material,  the inks are UV-protected, scratch-resistant, and also very durable. 

Available in different sizes and shapes in order to fit your custom message or logo. 

Choose from any following of the traditional shapes mentioned below:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Oval

Without a doubt, we believe we have “the best magnetic car signs near you”.

Car Magnet Recommendations and Care

Your car magnet will seamlessly and firmly attach to your vehicle. 

We strongly recommend making sure that the area of your car where you want to place the magnet is fairly flat or has only a mild curve, and that the entire surface is metal. If some areas are plastic or fiberglass, gaps can form, allowing wind to get under your magnetic sign and pull it off. Even new cars sometimes have unreported fiberglass repairs to metal surfaces. Therefore, it is important to test the entire surface for proper magnetic adhesion.

CAUTION: Magnetic vinyl can cause permanent damage to painted surfaces unless properly maintained, which includes daily removal. Still, we recommend the same cleaning recommendations. Sign Depot ATX LLC is not responsible for vehicle damage.


Available Sizes in ( W x H ) 

  • 18 X 9
  • 18 X 12
  • 24 X 6
  • 24 X 9
  • 24 X 12
  • 24 x 18


  • Rounded
  • Square

Product Features

  • Super easy application
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Fast turn aroundVisit: