Parking and traffic signs communicate important restrictions and information to help prevent confusion on your lot or road. These are great for offices, schools, hospitals, apartments and more.

  • Sturdy .080 Aluminum
  • Rounded Corners
  • Option of 3M Reflective Vinyl
  • Easily Installed on Post, Fence, or Wall



The presence of traffic signs in parking lots is essential to maintaining a free flow of traffic and preventing accidents. Parking and traffic signs are crucial to keeping drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians safe on the road, in parking lots, and around your property. Clarify any uncertainty about your property or road by explaining key limitations and information through these signages. These are excellent for workplaces including businesses, schools, hospitals, and housing. Make sure there is a strategy in place for any scenario that may affect your property. In such circumstances, your parking lot must take several factors into account. You should carefully consider and plan your parking layout. Improper planning with no proper signs would result in disorder and damage. By properly planning and using appropriate signage, you can keep your parking lot organized and secure.

What is the No Responsibility Sign?

Our “Not Responsible For Theft Or Damage” sign takes away any blame one may have on you for the loss of their possessions and warns anyone who enters your property that if they lose or damage any item of theirs by saying that it is not your responsibility. A clear “not responsible for accidents” sign like these can increase awareness and protect one’s property. It also lets people know that building owners are not responsible for damage or theft of their vehicles. Our “not responsible for damage to vehicle” sign will always alert all vehicle owners to park at their own risk since management is not responsible for the damage waiver.

The effective messaging on this “Not Responsible For Theft or Damage” Sign addresses property procedures and safety issues. Moreover, this sign is a useful tool to assist in safeguarding health, and safety and gives a not responsible for damage to vehicle disclaimer. It helps in reducing your liabilities and encourages others to be extra cautious with their personal property. Our sign also clearly states that the management disclaims liability for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Product Specification

Available Size in (W x H)

  • 18in X 12in


  • Rounded

Product Features

  • Bold, Effective, Sturdy, Good Quality .080 Aluminum

Rounded Corners

  • Option of 3M Reflective Vinyl
  • Can Be Easily Installed on Post, Fences, or Walls.
  • Attractive, Eye-catchy and Cost Effective
  • Portable
  • Easy Mounting & Application

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