Please keep 6 feet Apart


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The “please stay 6 feet apart sign” is a great reminder that everyone needs to maintain a 6 foot distance. The “Keep 6 Ft Apart Sign” is a great reminder that everyone has to keep a distance of at least 6 feet from others to avoid spreading illnesses. Also available as sticker printing, these signs are made from high-quality metals and vinyl, ensuring long-term durability.

Apply to smooth, clean, dry, and even surfaces.

What does the “Please stay 6 Ft. apart” Sign Mean?

Avoid further spreading of viruses in the workplace or business by properly separating workers or shoppers via our social distancing floor signs. Waiting in line can be a difficult time to maintain the recommended social distance of 6 feet apart. Using our social distancing markers, you can now maintain space between employees or customers with great ease without appearing rude. Simply peel and stick each floor sign 6 feet apart and you will have a great system of maintaining social distances to prevent the spread of viruses. This floor sign will help keep shoppers or employees healthy, helping to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Product Features

Bright Color & Attractive: Having an appealing sign is essential for effectively advertising your offer. You can choose from our collection or create your design to present your idea.

UV Resistant:  The sticker printing is suitable for outdoor use because they are made of UV and water-resistant material. Apart from that, they are extremely economical & weather resistant.

Portable:  This sign is portable and reusable to be easily moved between locations.

Simple to Install:  The 6 ft design sign is simple to install, and you can do it yourself if you follow the manual instructions. Very simple installation for indoor and outdoor use.

Non-Rusting:  The coating on the sign prevents rust. These protect the signs from damage and enhance their appearance.

Scratch-Proof:  External scratches degrade the quality of outdoor signs, but with our scratch-proof product, this is no longer an issue.

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