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The “Please sit 6 ft. distance from other guests” sign reminds everyone to maintain a 6 feet distance while seated to prevent illness from spreading. As part of a COVID-19 exposure control plan, measures such as maintaining 6 feet distance, symptom checking, social distancing, and decontamination procedures are highly mandatory. This sign will help people understand the plan of action and prevent the spread of infection.

What does the “Please Sit 6 Feet Distance From Other Guests” Mean?

Social distancing has proven to be an effective measure in combating COVID-19 and other illnesses. Installing 6 feet distance signs can reduce or eliminate the spread of germs. Many people, however, forget to keep their distance and stand or sit close to others. This sign can serve as a constant reminder to maintain 6 feet distance for your guests.

Although there are many options available in the market, we always strive hard to create a quality product that is weather-resistant, easy to install, cost-effective, and eye-catching.

Social distancing signs ensure that visitors, patrons, and staff abide by essential safety rules. In order to comply with COVID-19 signage requirements, we manufacture on-demand our professionally crafted signage to promote the new norm of social distancing.

Made of durable, industrial grade materials, these vibrant signs are eye-catching and will last in industrial or outdoor settings. These signs can be applied to smooth, clean, dry, and even surfaces that are in excellent condition.

This sign is available as standard sticker printing as well as customizable sticker printing.

Product Features


Make customized signs to meet the specific needs of your facility. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can customize for you! To meet your business’ specific needs, we will create a custom sign with the help of our professional sign designer team.

Easy to Install for Outdoor Use

The process of installing wall signs is as simple as peeling and sticking. The backing can be peeled off and stuck almost anywhere. It is already done if the sign has already been mounted to the board. In short, super easy application.


Our signs are affordable and pocket friendly.


Our signs are super lightweight and easy to hold.

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