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What Are Custom Rectangle Stickers And How Do They Help Us?

Event signage is an important course of action to spread awareness about your brand/business. It becomes a real deal when it comes to promotion. The more you promote, the more people come to know about your brand.  There are various ideas present today for event signs, but everyone wants to invest in the most sustainable and cost-effective idea. When we talk about signs, it becomes really interesting if the signs can be personalized to give a special flavor and uniqueness. And with this idea, we have custom rectangle stickers for you.

These stickers are square and rectangle in shape and further can be customized according to your choice and designs. We also provide an option of hiring a designer and they will complete your designs.

Square sticker labels give your stickers a definite shape which makes them look more decorated, appealing, and formal. You can use these square/rectangle stickers when you want to convey an official message or make your sticker look a little formal. (Custom Rectangle Stickers)


  • While promoting or building brand awareness
  • Using on packed food items
  • Using vehicles to generate more traffic



Sign Depot Atx has bumper stickers available which can be customized according to you. Sticking stickers on your vehicle bumper is an intelligent idea as it’s easily visible to people and can also increase your brand awareness. Custom made bumper stickers can range from commercial slogans to political slogans. It is also a way of supporting different political parties and becomes common during the election period.

Bumper stickers are very easy to install. There are two types of them, e.g. easy-to-remove stickers and magnetic bumper stickers.


We provide you with the best of best services.  After finalizing a design, then use these Custom Rectangle Stickers you have to print them as well to increase your sales. Printing is no doubt a heck of a job but you do not have to worry about that as we provide you with the best printing services.

We believe in full customer satisfaction and that is why we take your instructions as our responsibility. When you search for square sticker printing near me or custom rectangle stickers, you should consider Sign Depot Atx without any doubt.


Available sizes in (W X H)

3” x 3”
3.5” x 3.5”
3” x 4”
5” x 3”
4” x 4”
6” x 3”
6” x 4”
5” x 5”
11” x 3”



PRODUCT FEATURES (Custom Rectangle Stickers)

Easy to install
Looks good


Custom rectangle stickers are printed using premium material using CMYK colors. These stickers are fully scratch-resistant and also cost-effective. These stickers come in rectangle and square shapes and also you can customize their detailing according to your choice. They are used to convey important messages and promote the brand.

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