Parking and traffic signs communicate important restrictions and information to help prevent confusion on your lot or road. These are great for offices, schools, hospitals, apartments and more.

  • Sturdy .080 Aluminum
  • Rounded Corners
  • Option of 3M Reflective Vinyl
  • Easily Installed on Post, Fence, or Wall



What are the Signs used for Reservations?

Moving in a lane whether or cycle or car and looking for the reserved parking signs? Well, once in a while we must have come across this particular sign on the roads, around a restaurant, any shop and so many places. But, what does this reserved parking means and what is the meaning of this sign?

According to the textbook definition ” Reserve Parking is known as the spaces that are specially assigned areas that are designated for a specific reason or individuals. The sign shows the same. If it is attached somewhere that means that particular space Is specially designed for parking vehicles or in different meaning for any occasion meet. For example, there can be reserved parking only for bicycles or can be reserved parking for any open ground event. That’s how this sign works.

Different Types of Reserved Parking Signs

The sign is used to fulfil different types of aims, which can also count as its categories. Let’s take a brief look at these categories.

1. Reserved Parking for the customers of a shop
2. Reserved Parking for employees of a firm
3. Reserved parking for handicapped especially needed individuals.
4. Reserved Parking for heavy vehicles

These are some basic parking signs you can find on the road or in front of any firm or shop. But there are a lot more signs that illustrate the reserved parking rule.

Configuration of the Reserved Parking signs

The sign board needs to be very strong as well as durable and that is only possible with the use of correct types of materials such as:

1. Aluminum sheet is used on the board.
2. Rounded corners (can be changed as per preference).
3. Can be attached easily to fences, walls and such places.
4. Available in size of 18×12 inches
5. Customers can avail of the option of reflective vinyl