Adding Covid 19 Social Distancing and Safety Signs at the Workplace

The Corona Virus epidemic may have put the world on rest for some time. However, nothing is big enough to put down us humans, and the same goes for the coronavirus. No matter how big the pandemic was, the business and world are starting to move once again.

The restaurants are opening with total capacity all around the corner, and people started to go on vacation, flourishing the hotel’s room booking. While reopening business, now we have to realize that we have to make few changes to check the spread of the virus once again.

Businesses require warning signs that can help people understand the need for social distancing and take appropriate measures and stay safe. Poster and announcements always work great as friendly reminders. When the businesses are rushed with customers, there is not enough staff to ask everyone to maintain social distancing. It would be best if you had a fantastic way to remind the people or crowd control. That is why signages work better in the workplace.

Moreover, they are the least costly solution for maintaining the crowd. Besides the hotels, restaurants, and businesses, the offices also need a way to remind workers to follow safety guidelines. Therefore, we need to learn our way around the safety signs, as from now on, they will be the regular fixtures at our workplaces.

So, to help you out using the social distancing signage and safety signs, we have accumulated few points that can help you make everything right.

Which Businesses can benefit the most from the social distancing signage?

The use of safety signage or floor stickers at workplaces is not a new concept. Some countries make them mandatory. Even if the warning signs are not required to use by your state laws, you still need them to make your workplace safe.

Every business and workplace can benefit from the social distancing floor signs or any floor sticker carrying another warning. However, few businesses and workplaces, according to us, require them warning stickers most.

Here is the list of businesses that can benefit most from the use of safety reminders.

    • Restaurants
    • Condominium buildings or apartments
    • Schools
    • Hotels
    • Spas
    • Retail
    • Factories
    • Construction sites
    • Grocery stores
    • Private offices

What kind of safety sticker can you use when reopening the businesses?

The next thing is to figure out what message you need your sticker to convey to the people. There can be multiple kinds of stickers with different warnings and messages that you can find online. Moreover, you can even go with the custom floor vinyl stickers, which can carry any message that you like.

To help you out, here are a few things that you can write on your sticker. Here are the things for which you can use warning signs –

  • Maintain a Social distancing
  • Maintain 1-meter distance
  • Stay six feet apart
  • Minimize the contact
  • Sanitize your hands
  • Reminding people to wash their hands
  • The proper way of washing hands
  • Wear mask
  • How to appropriately use the mask
  • Disinfecting stations
  • Cleaning mask
  • Avoid touching vital areas such as mouth, nose, eyes
  • Disinfecting the mask, mobile, and other personal belongings
  • Staying away at least 1 meter or six feet apart
  • Minimizing contact among one another
  • Wash your hands
  • Reminders to properly wash your hands
  • Avoid touching your: Eyes, Nose, Mouth
  • Wearing sanitized uniforms and other tools used in your business

Why are stickers best to use when reopening the business?

When using the sticker, people mainly think to avoid using them, print the warning, sign on paper, and stick them on walls. Although sticking paper can be a good idea, there are benefits to using stickers.

The stickers come out to be more durable options for warning signage at your office and business. Since you need to use the warning signs for a long time, paper is not a good option. The sticker stays up for a long time, and you do not need to worry about wetting or tearing.

Paper is discouraged as they have the problem of getting torn easily. You do not want to replace the warning sign again and again. So, no matter how good you think about downloading the warning signs from the internet, you need a durable solution that is stickers.

The stickers are customizable, easy to place, easy to maintain, and easy to remove. Contrary to your belief that the sticker can taint your wall after removal, the stickers do not damage the walls. Moreover, you can refer to a video on the internet on removing the sticker without damaging walls.

Another reason to use the sticker is that they are reusable to help the environment by spreading less waste. The static sticker clings on the wall, and you can use stickers again and again. Moreover, they are best if you need to move the sticker to a new area or move your office.

Different types of Stickers you can use when reopening your shop or business

If you want everyone to be safe when reopening your business, you can use different stickers to spread a safety message. You can place the stickers anywhere and at any place you think is good in your office. Moreover, the warning signs show the customer that you are a responsible business and care about their safety.

The sticker is a more affordable option so you can use them even if you are starting up that is short on budget. The only thing that is left is to find what is asuitable sticker to use at your office. Here is the list of different kinds of stickers you can use to warn people after reopening your business.

Front adhesive stickers

The sticker can place on the front-facing glass or the storefront, as the sticky area is on the front side. The customer entering your shop or store will be aware of following the covid safety guideline, as the storefront area as placing sticker at storefront makes it more visible.

Static clings

The strategic placing of the sticker includes placing them at the places where the customer can quickly view them. Therefore, you may come to need them to place at glass windows or other sites. The static clings can be the best option as they do not use any adhesive to cling on glass. Moreover, you can easily remove them and place them somewhere else.

Wall decals

If you need a more prominent sticker, then your best bet is the wall decals. The decals use self-adhesive fabric, due to which you can easily stick and remove the sticker with the removing tool. The wall decals can use the best use in stores or shopswith large crowds, where more considerable warning signs are more visible.


The magnet can help you use the metallic surfaces in your office, store, and shop to put the warning signs. The office pantry has a refrigerator to put a warning sticker to remind the staff offollowing the safety guideline. The best part about the magnets is that they are customizable, and you can use them to convey any message you like.


Social distancing signage does not belong only on the wall of mirrors, and you can be creative as you place stickers anywhere. You can use the customer coaster and put them on the cafeteria tables or cafe tables to warn the customer about following safety guidelines.