What Is Sticker Printing: A Complete Guide

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Advertising is the main game. Your sales, your growth, everything matters in advertising. The more you promote your brand/business the more attention you will get towards it. Promoting is now made easier with signs. Signage has started playing an important role in startups and established businesses. Promotion helps in spreading awareness about the new ventures. It helps increase sales and growth for the established businesses as well. One best way of advertising is through stickers. Sticker printing is one of the easiest ways to advertise.

These stickers are super cheap and one convenient source of advertising. At Sign Depot Atx these stickers are available in three different types listed below;
• Custom shape stickers
• Rectangle/square stickers
• Circle stickers

Custom Shape Stickers

We can customize stickers according to your choice. We have a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, etc. You can also design your shape and give it to us as per your need. Custom shape stickers are fun, interesting, and unique. You can make it look like your products for better promotion.

These stickers are put in different places so that they can catch thousands of eyes. We make attractive stickers as it is fact that people glare at beautiful and interesting things.
These stickers are not only made for brand promotion but also to convey social and political messages. Political parties use these stickers in their logo designs at different places asking for votes and making people like them.

Different non-profit organizations use it for social purposes like – donations, fundraising, social campaigns, etc.

Quality Matters the Most

Sign Depot Atx is an Austin sticker company that makes sure to provide you with the best quality stickers. Making sure that the work we do is without any mistake or carelessness. The quality of the material we used is A1 and the inks that we use to print the graphics and the content are of premium quality. We use CMYK colors for printing which are printed by one of the best printers in the market.

The quality is high-rated as we make it for both – indoor as well as outdoor uses. These stickers are not made of paper as we need to make sure it doesn’t tear off in bad weather conditions, such as heavy rains. Custom stickers in Austin are easily available at Sign Depot Atx.

Promotion Is Easier

Due to their amazing features, these stickers are always high in demand. They are super light in weight and hence can be carried anywhere and everywhere. They can be stuck to any surface easily without making any damage to it and the best part of is, it requires minimum to a minimum investment.

Product Features

• Easy installation
• Cost-effective
• Scratch-resistant
• Good quality
• Weather-proof

Rectangle/Square Stickers

Custom rectangle stickers are available in different sizes and designs. The shape of these stickers is either rectangle or square. Usually, these stickers are more formal-looking stickers and we can use them at events to show directions to the visitors. They are also used while labelling different types of things, such as bottles, food packages, decorative items, etc.

This square sticker labels and gives your stickers a definite shape which makes them look more formal. Hence they can be used at events for official purposes.
You can customize it yourself according to your preferences. We use CMYK colors to print the graphics and use high-quality material to make these stickers.

Once you finalize your design, the next step is to print and sticker printing is one heck of a task. We also provide sticker printing services just to reduce your tension and make you stress-free.

Product Features

• Durable
• Cost-effective
• Perfect for formal use
• Scratch-resistant

Circle Stickers

These stickers are round in shape and people use them for different purposes, which are as follows;
• Informational labels
• Caution labels
• Direction labels
• Safety labels

These stickers have danger signs and caution signs printed on them to make people aware of the hazards and danger. Custom circle stickers are also used to put on vehicles as names tags and other tags. You also have a provision to make your personalized round stickers. You can also hire a designer to make your designs.

Product Features

• Weather-proof
• Light in weight
• Premium quality
• Scratch-resistant
• Easy installation

You can choose the size of your stickers as per your requirements. You can also add an extra flavor of what you need and make it look more informative and fantastic. These stickers are super easy to put on and do not damage the surface of the object on which it is applied.

Custom Made Bumper Stickers

We make different types of stickers and put on vehicles for different purposes. These stickers are generally put on the bumper of the vehicles so that it is visible to other people and visible to everyone sitting in their cars.

These stickers carry different messages. It can relate to politics, commercial ads, social messages, etc. We make stickers to support a party and promote it. This helps the party gain more followers. The demand for these stickers that is put on vehicles is usually high while the time of election.
People put up stickers which are commercial advertisements to increase their brand value and spread awareness about the product.
It also displays social messages such as the dos and donts which can relate to any topic.

Printing Services

No advertisements can advertise with a hardcopy of the sign. Printing is the most important step in the whole process of putting up signs and advertisements. You must check and make sure that the ink is of premium quality otherwise, poor quality inks are generally washed off easily.

Printing not only requires good material but also an amazing printer with high resolution and good picture quality. This is so becausewhen we print there should not be haziness in the graphics and the colors that come out of the printer on the material should also not change because of poor quality. It will ruin the aesthetics of the stickers and might make them look dull as well.

Sign Depot Atx is one of the best sticker printing companies. It provides you with all sorts of printing services. Some are rectangle sticker printing, square sticker printing, and circle sticker printing.

Custom sticker printing is also provided in which you can design your shapes and give them to us to get them printed. We make sure that the quality of products does not deteriorate easily while in use.

This name has established its brand for a custom sticker in Austin and comes at the top when people search for sticker printing in Austin. If you are searching for an Austin sticker company, you can consider us available at your service.

Some facts about custom, rectangle, and square stickers;

• 68% of the customers said that stickers told about brand quality.
• 50% of the customers said if the custom stickers are not of good quality it limited people from visiting the brand which ultimately decreased the sales.
• 58% of people stated that rectangle/square-shaped stickers helped them build greater brand value.
• 88% of people use circle stickers at workplaces for safety and danger signs.


Sticker printing in Austin is available but one has to make sure, that the services provided are worth investing your money on. It’s not only about the products but also the services provided after the delivery of products.
It is important to have all the knowledge about the product that you purchase. Quality, price, durability, each and everything matter because signage undoubtedly requires money so before you invest in it, proper information is a must.

Sign Depot Atx is inclined towards serving you the best ideas as well as the best printing and customer care services. We believe in providing top-notch quality services. You can contact us 24*7, as we are available at your service.

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What Is Sticker Printing: A Complete Guide

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