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48 X 48 +
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96 X 48 +
Plywood 1/2 +
Max Metal 3mm +
Corrugated Plastic 10mm +
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What Are Construction Signs?

(Construction Signs) As we all know at construction sites, construction work is carried out. There is a number of workers working at these sites who are involved in the process of removing debris, erecting scaffolding, also loading and unloading building materials, and assisting with operating heavy requirements.

Here at these sites, the officials require people who are responsible, strong, and of course hard-working. They have to prepare materials and tools, assisting contractors for example – electricians, painters, plumbers, and as required.

Signage plays an extremely important role at these places. The amount of danger and risk is very high at construction sites. Custom construction signs are important for the safety and security of not only the workers of the sites but also the people who visit these sites. It is necessary for each and everyone to be well aware of the hazards that exist in the workplace.

Sign Depot Atx helps you make these signs for you at affordable rates with good quality products.

We make construction company signs of amazing quality to avoid any hazards and secure the lives of the workers and visitors.

For these signs, no doubt people visit here and there searching for them so that they can get their custom-made signs. But what if we bring this facility online so that you don’t have to run in the sun?

We bring you the facility of construction signs online. You can customize your signs according to your preference. You can also design your sign online and we also provide you the option of hiring a designer and getting your designs completed by them by giving them the details of your idea.

Sign Depot Atx Austin is also recognized as one of the best sign construction companies. You must make sure that the signs you purchase are strong enough to handle the wear and tear of the construction sites.

Product Specification (Construction Signs)

Available in sizes (W X H)

  • 48” X 12”
  • 48” X 24”
  • 48” X 48”
  • 48” X 60”
  • 48” X 72”
  • 48” X 96”
  • 96” X 12”
  • 96” X 48”

You can make your signs more informative and cautious by printing graphics that represent danger signs and makes you aware of the hazards ahead.


  • Front side only
  • Front and back-side only

The material used to make these signs is important because that makes the basis of the signs. It is the quality of the material that will tell about the product. We make custom construction signs of the following material;

  • Plywood ½
  • Max metal 3mm
  • Corrugated plastic 10mm

The diverse variety of material will make you non-hesitant while you invest your money in it.

Printing Service

Just to reduce your stress we also provide printing services. We provide construction sign printing in different colors, fonts, and graphics. The printing is of premium quality inks so that it does not wash off easily.

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