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Max Metal 3mm +
Corrugated Plastic 4mm +
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How would you like to design?

What are Compass Real Estate Signs?

The Compass Real Estate Sign is a powder-coated metallic ring. And with a customizable interior light tube lining a residential plot informative display.  With the estate listing agent’s name, phone number, email address, and title. It has been one of the core real estate up-gradations in the advertisement sector, which benefits both the buyer and seller.

How do Compass Real Estate Signs work?

Owing to light technology. When potential buyers or interested people with the Compass application approach within 20 feet of the signage.  Therefore they will receive a notification on their mobile.

Then potential customers will send to the listing page on the Compass app. And this system is one of the most convenient groundbreaking services available.

How do you feel about customizing your Design on Compass Real Estate Sign?

The Compass Real estate signs can be customized using your chosen message text. And thus, you can change anything on the layouts. Once you’ve added your creative real estate signs, you can present them to your audience.

Personalize the wording, styles, images, and graphics to suit your design at a minimal cost. Read the following steps to get a customized sign:

Step 1: Use our templates – You can select from the expert-designed templates. To take inspiration for your customized signs. Finally, you will find various patterns, colors, and texts.

Step 2: Design It Online – Design and customize the layout online can be added If you already prepare the logo and other information.

Step 3: Upload the Design – Once you have completed editing your Compass Real estate sign. Then you will have to upload the final draft on our checkout page. And get it delivered to your doorstep.

Product Description:

A digital form of advertisement.

Material Customization: A customizable option is given to choose the material that best suits your requirement:

  • Aluminium .040
  • Max Metal 3mm
  • Corrugated Plastic 4mm

Product Specification:

The sign riders are available in different sizes (WxH), including:

Product Features:

Display Customization Available: The Compass real estate signs can be displayed on a single or double side. And they are displayed according to your requirements.

Notifications: The Compass Real estate Signs help notify Compass Users about property availability that it is within a range of 20 feet.

Water and UV resistant: These signs are best suitable for outside weather as they are water-resistant and UV resistant due to their material protection.

Lightweight: Signs need to be light for easy transportation from one place to another. Thus making them efficiently reusable.

Easy to Install: The signs are hassle-free products. That do not require skilled professional assistance. So, you can just install them yourself .

Attention-Seeking: To advertise your offer efficiently. These signs must be attractive and creative enough to grab the viewer’s attention. One can choose from our collection or customize your design to put forth your idea.

Durable: These signs are easy to store and have proven to be durable. The standard materials and precautions taken to manufacture the signs make them a tough product.

Scratch-resistant: Signs usually used outdoors tend to lose their quality due to external scratches. And now that is one thing less to worry about with our scratch-proof product.

Check out our store for custom signs.

With over a decade of experience, we’ve consistently centered on offering the best printing solutions. And these solutions help in your rapidly developing business requirements.

When obtaining new Compass Real Estate Signs for residences, you’ll find that highlighting them is the finest option because it is suitable for a long-term exhibition.

Various formats are available in the market to print the new compass real estate. It can be double side or single side/with or without wire stakes.

Please get in touch with us to order your low-cost new house signage. We can guarantee that you will receive great value for money.