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What Are Real Estate Sign Frames?

The business works on promotion. The more traffic you generate the more sales you get. Your business completely depends on the type of promotion you do. Now all of this might be related to the money factor as well. Business requires investment. If you invest more, you will be able to set up a big brand and further you can spread awareness about the same. But practically it’s not important to invest a large sum of money for everyone. In business, the major investment comes in advertising. So, Sign Depot Atx provides you with a unique idea of real estate sign frames. It is one amongst all that does multi-tasking.

These frames are H-shaped frames made up of metal. They are given this name because the design of the sign is in the shape of the letter H. These frames are extremely durable because of the material that is used. These metal frames usually contain one or more signs on them.

Purpose of Real Estate Sign Frames

The main purpose of these frames is to put up advertisements for sale, for purchase, for lease, etc. These frames are also known as realtor sign frames. It can also use for commercial advertisements and corporate advertisements.
They are quite versatile as you can swap the frames very easily conveying different messages or advertising about different things.

Material Used

The professional h-shaped frames are of iron with a black powder coat finish. They also can be made up of three different types of materials such as corrugated plastic, max metal, and aluminium. Because of its versatility in materials this product is one of the highest in demand in the market.

Product Specification (Real Estate Sign Frames)

Available in sizes ( w X H)

  • 24” X 18”
  • 18” X 24”
  • 24” X 24”
  • 18” X 30”
  • 24” X 30”
  • 30” X 24”
  • 12” X 18”
  • 24” X 36”

This product is a single rider and a double rider signboard. These sign riders also attaché with three things – a thumbscrew with a zinc plate, a nut, and two self-taped screws.

Rider Location

  • Bottom Rider
  • Top and Bottom Rider

Product Features

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Multi-task signboard
  • Versatile and good quality material

Sign depot Atx is a name that provides you with unique ideas. That is why we are available with these frames at your services and give you the option of designing them yourself.  Real Estate Sign frames come in different sizes and colors which you can choose accordingly. You will also get the option of hiring a designer and they will complete your design.


When you search for real estate sign frames near me, Sign Depot Atx is one name that will top your search results and without any doubt, you must consider it while thinking of putting up event signs.


We are always glad to serve you and help you grow your business. And also, customers are our top priority and we believe in giving them quality products and satisfaction.


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