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If you are a golf lover then you must be aware of the golf course signs. But if not then did you find any fancy board around your area? Showing a course and something scribbled about it? Ding dong! Yes, that fancy board is the signboard that shows the area of the golf course and related facts.

Since golf is a game for professionals the same theory goes for their signage also. The board or sign needs to be very particular as well as professional. Let’s see what points need to be considered while customizing the signage.

Important Points While Customizing the Signage

The company or even beginners can consider these effective facts or steps about the golf course signs. Let’s take a deep look at these points-

Simplicity is the Best

Make and keep your signage as simple as possible because simplicity appears the best. Keep your motive clear towards the reason you need it, which is to share the information with the audience.

Right Font, the Right Impression

It is very important to fix the right size of the font on the signage. Choose the right font according to the size of the board as well as the number of words you need to print.

Clear Mention of the Message

The message through these signage needs to be clear and straight such as the place of the course, distance, blocks etc.

Play with Colour and Contrast

Go crazy but charming with colours and contrast. Try new and unique patterns, and search beyond the box of society’s expectations.

Important Data about Golf Course Signs

Here are some more impactful and useful data that can help you understand better on what size should be ideal, price range, etc.

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The price range starts from $4.99 per piece and increases accordingly.

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The signage is available in the double-sided format.