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The Telescopic Banner Stand is versatile and can be used as a backdrop or background display for promotional events and presentations. Utilize this product for single and double-sided banners ranging from 52″ ~ 95″ wide and 36″ ~ 96″ tall. To increase stability, add water weight bags when using stands outdoor. The stand weighs 14 lbs.

Include 2 Steel bases, Adjustable Aluminum Poles, Nylon travel bag.

What is the Step and Repeat Banner?

Step and Repeat Banner is a type of signage that has been very prominent in the history of signage. Before diving deep let’s see what is signage, its types and what exactly the banner is. To begin with, Signage is a very popular form of delivering messages, spreading awareness, promoting services and communicating with the audience.

About Step and Repeat Banner

As we know there are various types of signage which are used in different ways. One of them is this banner name as step and repeat. Well, Step and Repeat Banner is a type of signage that consists of a lot of signs and symbols in a definite manner and style. The banner is used by various brands to promote their merchandise and sponsor the event where it is placed. The banner is generally spotted at events such as fashion shows, cricket matches, awards and many similar ranges of events.

The Process of Formation

The banner has a very simple yet effective way to create. Even though it is easy to create one, what is required is the creation itself. The procedure of the banner is-:

1. Choose the size of the banner, according to the need and requirement.
2. Specify the amount and number of symbols and signs on the banner.
3. Put together your choices in the colour palate
4. Ensure the places of patterns, designs and styles.
5. Print the layout in HD to get the best effect.
6. Integrate all the components together.

All Types of Sizes of the Banner

The banners come in different types and that can be effective according to the need and requirements of the event as well as the client. Here are the ideal sizes of the banners-:

  • The width of the banner lies between 52″ to 92″
  • The length of the banner lies between 32″ to 96″

The Price Range

The banner’s size promotes the range of cost. Also, the need of the consumer can be an effective reason too. Here is the range for the banner

  • Only stand- $199
  • Only banner- $250
  • Both- $450