Way to Use Customize Real Estate Sign and Frames for Real Estate Marketing to Improve your Business

Real Estate Signs

The real estate business always needs something to advertise the house. The real estate business depends on how well you can buy or sell the property in the market. So, it would help if you always had a ways to advertise the property to interested people. Undoubtedly, your brand identity also plays a part in the real estate business. Therefore, real estate advertising ideas must be compatible and benefit both your needs that are promoting business and selling the property. The unique real estate sign can be the best way to promote your brand and the property you want to sell.

People are already aware of the signage. Therefore, they cannot avoid taking their eyes or glance over a beautifully created sign. Second, the signage not only conveys the message but also speaks for your brand.

As a real estate agent, we can understand you may have an afterthought about using the signage. Because in your mind, you already have numerous ways to promote your real estate business. However effective, you may think listing it has its drawbacks. First of all, the way the web works has completely changed. You might never come in front of the eye’s prospects. Second, the competition on the internet is off the charts. Despite making efforts on listing sites, you cannot be sure about selling the properties. Therefore, you need an effective strategy that can go hand in hand with marketing on digital media.

The signage is the perfect answer for all your need. You can go with the traditional signage boards that include “for sale signs,” bench ads, billboards to share information. If you feel it is hard to use signage in today’s day and age, then we are here to help you out. We have created this article to provide you unique real estate signs ideas that can help you promote your business and properties.

Real Estate Sign Styles 

For effectively using the signage for selling your properties, you need to decide on your option in the type of signs you can use. When choosing the signs, you will come across a plethora of options that can make you confuse. Therefore, we have created a list of signs that you can check to start your research.

Colonial Post

These Inverted L frames are usually made up of wood from the suspended sites. The sign is perfect to put in front of the residential properties, as they are commonly used to sell residential homes.

H-Frame Stake

The H-shaped signs are for conveying the message of the “Open House.” Structurally, these signs are wire framed and mostly use as temporary signs.


The frames are metallic enclosed sigs. You can choose different options in the frames, and there is the standard form that is the single sign. Other is the single-double rider, where you can use the two or extra signs in a smaller size. The frames work best in the lawns where you can put a “for sale” sign.


The A-frame is the portable board, which makes them perfect for the open house or during a real estate event.

Vinyl Window Cling

The Vinyl Window clings are the best choice if you want signage for advertising your commercial properties with plate-glass windows. The Vinyl window cling is non-adhesive and can cling on the window glass.

Feather Flag

The fabric flags are let loose to flutter in the breeze that makes them eye-catching. 

Design Elements to Consider for Your Real Estate Signage

The signs are used to attract the eyes of the customer. Therefore, the design elements will play an essential role in making the sign attractive and impossible to resist for bypasses. We will help you with the guidelines that you can use to make your “for sale signs” more noticeable. Using design elements perfectly will draw attention on your property and give you the way to promote your business.

So, let us dive into the topic. 

Branding your Business

The billboards or real estate signs are about conveying a message and an advertisement for your brand.

Use your Logo

The real estate sign must have the logo of your company. The logo will help the audience to distinguish your brand from the other real estate company. Therefore, do not forget to include the company logo on the sign, as it can be the best promotion tool.

Use your Brand Colors

The design you choose must make your signage irresistible for the audience. Moreover, the sign also looks different from other signs that the audience has usually seen. Therefore, you need to use your brand color in signage to make them more recognizable. Using the same color as your brand logo gives your signage familiarity and builds trust among the audience. Moreover, it makes it easy for the audience to recognize your signs.


The purpose of using signs is to communicate with the audience. The design you choose must be easy to read. Here is what you need to make your sign more readable.

Easy to Read Fonts

The font choice must be smart. The font style must go well with the overall design without affecting the readability of the signage. The trick is to use fonts that are ay to read even from a distance. Here are few suggestions:

  • Helvetica
  • Garamond
  • Trajan
  • Future
  • Verdana

White Space Makes the Real Estate Sign More Readable

The white space is usually an empty space that can influence your signage’s overall aesthetic and readability. You can leave a perfect amount of white spaces that make it easy for the audience to read your content on the sign. Any real estate sign ideas are not effective if no one can read your board easily. Therefore, use the white space smartly to your benefit

Make Smart Color Choices

The poor color choice can create a difference in the effectiveness of the sign. A good color choice can make your sign readable and compelling. The audience gets joy to read your sign when you use contrasting colors that blend well with your brand color. Make sure to use the color effectively to draw more eyes toward your customer’s real estate signs.

The Benefit of Using Real Estate Sign

Digital media may make you lose your confidence in using real estate signs. However, you’re mistaken, as recent studies show the 7% conversion due to the use of signs. The NAR reported that &% buyers ended up purchasing the property, all thanks to the eye-catching signs that they have come across.  Here are more benefits of using custom signage for your real estate business.

Signs get your Contact Information out There

The real estate sign can be perfect for promoting your brand. The signs can communicate crucial information relating to your company, such as company name, location, and contact number. The sign gives the audience every potential information that can favor your business.

Signs Help with Word of Mouth

The listing sites do not provide you mouth with mouth publicity. However, things are a bit different with the use of real estate signs. The signs catch the audience’s attention that can benefit you with mouth-to-mouth publicity.

Signs are Reusable

The signs are reusable. Therefore, your business does not need to spend any more money buying new signs for every new property.

Signs are Relatively Inexpensive

The signs are also a cheap medium of promoting your business and advertising the “property for sale.”

Signs are Easy to Install

The real estate signs can be hanged, push into the ground, or placed on the poles. Therefore, they are easy to install. You do not need expert help or pay any money for extra support to put the signs.