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A real estate sign says more than FOR SALE or FOR LEASE.  It even goes beyond saying SOLD or OPEN HOUSE.  A well-designed real estate sign speaks loudly about who the agent is, and the brand the agent or broker is representing.

A perfect sign will help build trust from those passing by your home listing. It has the chance to create a connection with the entire real estate agency the agent or broker is representing.

Here at Sign Depot ATX, we understand how the right sign can impact your real estate business, and we have a passion for real estate sign printing. By creating affordable, durable real estate signboards, we help you to achieve the sale or lease of your residential or commercial listing.


To get your order started, first select the size.  Next select if you want it single or double-sided.  Choose the material you are interested in, followed by selecting the quantity.  Now, you can move on to picking a template.  Here, you have the opportunity to upload your own pre-made real estate sign or design it from scratch.

Once we receive your real estate sign order, we will send it to print. Once the outdoor real estate signs are ready, you will receive an email, a phone call, or a text message, depending on your preference, letting you know that we are shipping your order, or that we have your order ready to be picked up. 


Corrugated Plastic 

Corrugated plastic is used mainly for temporary listings for a period of 3 to 6 months.  This is an effective and very affordable solution, with a thickness of 4mm, which fits very nicely into real estate sign metal frames.

If you are a real estate agent just starting out, this would be a perfect choice to save some cash.  It’ll help you use your budget to getting more exposure by getting more open house signs, sign riders, custom real estate postcards, and so on. If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us or send us an email.


By far, the most popular choice of all the real estate signboard designs is aluminum signs. Aluminum is sturdy and heavier than corrugated plastic. Most realtors like this material because it can better resist the elements, and it’s harder to steal because you can put screws on it.

Its thickness comes in at 0.040 and is very effective in displaying your real estate listings.

Max Metal

The newest player in the market, max metal comes in 3mm thickness.  It’s simply fabulous because it combines two elements:   aluminum and plastic.  Max metal is a compressed composite polyurethane with two layers of aluminum on each side. As with the aluminum, you can add grommets, or screws to this board when you set up the sign for maximum exposure and safety. 


That is the question.  The answer is, it depends on your budget and needs.  If you want to take your real estate image to the next level, definitely go for it; you won’t be disappointed. The reflective option comes with a matte silk-finish laminate on top of the reflective layer of vinyl. It’s simple, elegant, classy and it makes your real estate sign last longer. 

What if you don’t want to go reflective? This is by far the most popular choice, and your real estate sign will still look great.  The main difference from a reflective finish is that your real estate signboard design will get printed directly on the material using long-lasting UV Inks, which means it is weather-resistant,  and this option skips the use of the extra overlaminate layer.  


Made to fit your brand, our real estate sign templates will help you to get your signboards ready in no time, and with the help of the design tool, you will be able to personalize any details on those signs.

You can upload your own file or start from scratch. Whatever your idea is, we got you covered at SignDepot ATX. 

Feel free to reach out to any of our service associates through the chat app below if you have any questions. We are here to help!